8 Best Office and Administrative Jobs In Canada, 2018

Canada as a fastest growing developed country has a lot of job opportunities for administrative and office work. This is list of top 8 best Office and Administrative Jobs In Canada.

Though many office tasks have been digitized, the role of administrative staff has not diminished. In fact, quite the opposite. Administrative professionals who are technologically savvy have a huge advantage over their less technically inclined colleagues. In 2018, the vast majority of in-demand administrative skills involve technology of some kind.

Another big trend, which has continued from 2017, is an increasing dependence on administrative professionals to handle accounting tasks. More than half of the most popular skills employers look for when hiring administrative staff involve accounting functions such as accounts payable and receivable, knowledge of accounting software and general bookkeeping. If you’re looking to advance in your administrative career, learning some accounting processes is all but a sure ticket.

Best office jobs in 2018

In 2018, multitasking office jobs that support and facilitate the work of other employees continue to be the most popular. The need for office support staff like administrative assistants, receptionists, and office administrators is high. A trend we’ve been seeing over the last few years is a growing reliance on administrative staff to take on accounting roles, as well. A new entry on this year’s list of best administrative jobs is bookkeeper.

Average office and admin salaries in 2018

In 2018, the median administrative professional salary is $39,800, up from $37,000 last year. The lowest 10% of administrative professionals make $30,000 or less, while the top 10% make $49,600 and up.

Growth in the admin sector in 2018

There are currently 1.8 million office and administrative professionals working in Canada. According to the latest census, there was an increase of 4,270 new jobs in this sector in the last year, indicating office staff are needed as much as ever.

The majority of office and administration jobs are found in large cities where businesses congregate (such as Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. However, Canadians will find career opportunities to pursue all over Canada.

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