6 Fastest Methods to Immigrate to Canada Legally

6 Fastest Methods to Immigrate to Canada. The easiest ways into Canada aren’t really accessible to most people. Normally you have to be rich, “skilled” or some kind of artist. But today we shall show you the easiest ways to come to Canada, if you qualify:

1. Visiting Visa: If the only way you can come to Canada is with a job offer and a work permit, the easiest way to come to Canada is to get a visitor visa, if you need one, and to look for a job while you’re here. You cannot work in Canada using your visitor visa. But you can communicate with potential employers about future work.

2. Express Entry: The Skilled Worker and Skilled Trades programs, which are open to a select few people. The Skilled Trades program only allows in 3000 people a year. The Skilled Worker program is open to only a few select professions, requiring a lot of education and experience, or for other peole with education and experience who already have job offers. Also, if you have a PhD, you may qualify as a skilled worker. Read more about Express Entry.

3. Work Permit: If you are semi-skilled or “skilled” (university educated) for most people the simplest way to come to Canada is to get a work permit. There are two problems:

First, you have to convince a Canadian employer to give you a job over a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Second, your employer has to convince Human Resources and Development Canada that they must hire a foreign worker as no Canadian can do that job (a Labour Market Opinion). So what seems like an easy process is made complicated.

4. Marry a Canadian: Psst, don’t tell anyone, but having a Canadian spouse or partner is one of the easiest ways into the country. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship and Canada is cracking down on “marriage fraud” – when two people legalize a sham marriage in order to get the foreign spouse permanent residence and citizenship – so you better make sure you’re relationship is real: there’s now a 2-year period where IRCC will check up on you after you are approved.

5. Live-in Care Aid: The easiest career-specific route into Canada for anyone who isn’t a “skilled worker;” it’s the live-in caregiver program. With only high school education, a job offer, and either six-months training or one year of caregiver experience, you could get a work permit. There are numerous agencies that specialize in matching employers with potential foreign caregivers so it is much easier to find an employer than it is for other jobs. Canada currently has a special permanent residence stream for those who have participated in this program, as well.

6. Study Permit: If you, or your parents can afford it, there is no better way to come to Canada than through studying at a Canadian university or college. Canada offers numerous programs and a few Canadian universities are considered among the best in the world. Colleges, which offer more practical education, are another option.

Finally, there are select professions which do not require visas to enter Canada to work and a special permanent residence category for some of these “self-employed” people such as artists and farmers.

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